How to Avoid Getting a Poor Car Key Copy in Bellevue WA

How to Avoid Getting a Poor Car Key Copy in Bellevue WA

We’ve all been there. You’ve lost your car key in a moment where you’re short on time and patience. Or someone else in your family needed the car but couldn’t have access to the key because somebody else had it. Maybe your key has worn down, lost its shape, or broken. Whatever the situation, you’ve decided you need a replacement or duplicate key. Unfortunately, you’ve called around and done more research. And you’ve learned that obtaining a new car key is expensive and difficult. Getting a new car key should be simple, right? But often people feel they are getting the runaround. Be aware of how to detect a poor car key copy to save time and money.

Duplicating SMART Keys Can Be Costly and Complicated

It can be complicated to duplicate SMART keys, especially with newer makes. Car models have become increasingly sophisticated. And as a result, their security systems are far more advanced than their older models. This means replacing a key means replacing complex technology. So replacing a car key could potentially cost you hundreds of dollars.

Losing Codes

By losing a car key belonging to a newer car, you are losing access to a series of complex codes. And these codes are intended to keep your car secure. Losing a car key means reprogramming the key’s code. Also, for newer models, it could potentially mean recoding more technology in the car itself. In terms of protecting you and your belongings from car thieves, a more complex system is great news. When you’ve lost your key and have no other way to get into your car, this is frustrating.

Wireless Codes

Older keys can be easily reduplicated. But electronic keys use wireless codes to lock and unlock your car. And these codes can make it more difficult to make copies of. In some cases, your car dealer may be able to get you a new key if you have lost yours. Also, keep in mind that having the master key may help your odds of getting another duplicate. As a result, you will need to find a reputable locksmith.

Not All Locksmiths Understand Complex Technologies

Not all locksmiths are equal when it comes to replacing car keys, so use a reputable locksmith. A reputable locksmith is one who understands the process of making new keys. A pro knows the reasons why keys may not be working properly. The goal is to ensure each customer gets a working key.

Licensing Matters

Not all locksmiths are able to duplicate new keys. And a locksmith must have licenses to have access to the required codes for your vehicle’s system. So, if you have a newer car, you will need to make sure that your locksmith is capable of duplicating your key. Also, a licensed locksmith who has access to codes for your car should be able to duplicate your key with no problems. If you have an older car, you might be in luck. A good locksmith can duplicate a traditional metal key quickly and easily.

Get Your Info Together

For newer cars, in order for you to receive the right key, you will also need a significant amount of information handy. Be prepared to offer your VIN number, exact make, model and year for your vehicle. Different cars of the same make use unique codes for increased security. So having this information readily available ensures that your key’s code will match your vehicle’s code. In some cases, if your key needs to be made, it may take a week or two for it to arrive.

What To Do

If you do not find a locksmith in your area who is capable of duplicating your key, you may need to contact a dealership for a new copy. With electronic keys, in some cases, you can purchase a key or have one made by a locksmith. And then take it to a dealership to have the key coded for your VIN number. In other cases, you can purchase a key online. And then you have it programmed to your car yourself to save some money. However, exercise extreme caution if you choose to go this route. Remember, buying a faulty key will only prolong your headaches.

Get Expert Advice

Keep in mind, a dealer may charge more for a key replacement than a locksmith. If you have no luck with dealerships, you may need to directly contact the manufacturer of your vehicle. A seasoned locksmith can guide you through this process to ensure you get a key that works properly.

Replacing your car key is a difficult process. And sometimes it appears to be a major hassle. However, a local, reputable locksmith can quickly and easily help you with your car key replacement needs.

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