Discover Eight Great Ways to Keep Bellevue Homes Secure

Discover Eight Great Ways to Keep Bellevue Homes Secure

Crime statistics show that Bellevue, Washington residents have a one in 32 chance of becoming victims of a property crime. And there are nearly 800 burglaries of homes in the area each year! One of the best ways to protect yourself from theft is prevention. Home security is important no matter where you live. Here are eight great ways to keep Bellevue homes secure.

1. Hire a Locksmith to Secure Entry Points

Did you know that one-third of burglars enter homes through the front door? No matter if you are in a new home or if you have lived in your home for decades, it is important to assess the effectiveness of your home’s entry points and locking systems.

Professional Assessment

A locksmith can help you to install the best locks for your home. Your assessment should include all entry doors, their doorknob and deadbolt locks, as well as potential access points like small windows, dog doors or mail slots. You should also review the strength of the door and doorframe to ensure it is the proper choice for an entry door. If you have a home with a potential weakness, are missing a peephole, or you do not have a deadbolt, consider making those changes as soon as possible.

As a part of your assessment, consider all of the ways in which your home is accessible and what potential items are at risk. Ask yourself what is not secure and what valuable items are in plain view. You may need to make changes to drapery to protect the contents of your home. This assessment can provide you with a better understanding of the areas of your home and property that need to be more secure.

2. Secure Your Windows

Nearly a quarter of all home burglaries happen due to break-ins of first story windows. Often this occurs because the latches are faulty or do not exist at all.

Boost Home Security

Replacing locks on windows can increase home security. Make sure to pay attention to all of your windows – basement hoppers are another potential access point. Another opportunity to secure your windows includes adding a tempered glass overlay to strengthen them.

3. Keep the Light On

Although the vast majority of home burglaries happen during the daytime while you are away, it is still very important to keep your home safe during the night.

Deter Intruders

Keeping lights on help to deter intruders. Choose solar lighting options that you can easily place around your home. Consider floodlights with motion sensors near entry points. A burglar may not be as interested once they have a bright light shining down upon them.

4. Clean Up Your Property

If you have foliage or structures on your land that can lend a hiding opportunity to a burglary, consider making changes by removing them.

Nowhere to Hide

Minimize places to hide on your property to help prevent theft. And put away ladders and portable steps that fan provide easy access to your home.

5. Install a Home Security System

Every home needs a security system. You do not necessarily need a full system, but in the least, an IP camera can help you monitor your home.

Monitoring Matters

Home security systems can help you to monitor access to doors and windows and can alert you via text message as to changes. Systems also incorporate fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Security cameras are also well known for their monitoring of activity in your home. In fact, some security cameras have been credited to alerting homeowners of a burglary in progress that they were able to stop. If you do not have the money for a security system, invest a couple of dollars into a security window decal or yard sign. Fake signage can help to deter burglars from entering your home.

6. Be a Good Neighbor

One of the best things you can do to prevent a burglary to your home is to build relationships with your neighbors. Neighbors can help each other to look out for properties.

Offensive Strategy

If you never introduce yourself, they may never know something is awry should a burglary occur. Getting to know your neighbors is an excellent offensive strategy to secure your Bellevue home.

7. Know Who to Contact

In an emergency or when you have concerns about security in your neighborhood, who do you call?

Local Law Enforcement

Reach out to local law enforcement to learn about neighborhood watch and similar home safety programs in your area. They may also have local events that you can attend and get tips about home security.

8. Establish a Plan of Action

Now that you have assessed all of your options to secure your Bellevue home, you need to develop a plan of action. Review your plan with your family to better secure your home, as well as how to handle an emergency.

Best Practices and Behaviors

Whether they are escaping a fire or there is an intruder, your family needs to have a plan to safety. In addition, it is vital to review best practices and behaviors to prevent an intruder from gaining access to your home. Encourage your family to lock the doors and arm the security system.

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