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Bellevue electric strike services.If you’re searching for electric locking solutions, relax, you have come to the experts. Sevan Locksmith is the leader in provision of top quality electric strike installation, access control systems, security locks, escape route technologies and electric bolts among other products for ensuring convenience and security in a wide range of applications. Electric strikes are access control devices used for locking and releasing doors. They are installed on or in door frames and work hand in hand with the mechanical door locks by electronically controlling the movement of the keeper. This kind of electric strike installation allows the door to open without manually retracting the mechanical lock of the door.


Two types of electric strikes

Power-to-lock electrified strike configurations are also called fail-safe or fail-secure. The application of power to electrified strike causes it to lock. Thus, when there’s a power failure or an alarm condition due to a fire or explosion, the door just opens by merely pushing or pulling it.

The home of electric strike solutions

Electric strike installation services.Sevan Locksmith appreciates the fact that electric strike installation is integral component of any and all access control systems. We have the widest range of strikes to suit all types of doors including wooden, metallic, aluminum and glass. We have comprehensive offers to meet your every aesthetic and functionality need.For any question dial (425) 458-5204.

Brands of electric strikes we work with:

  • Von Duprin
  • HES
  • Rofu
  • Adams Rite
  • Securitron
  • Hanchett

Selecting proper strike for your door

Electric strike manufacturers are many and varied and there are many things you need to consider before purchasing one. For you to choose the right door strike, it is crucial that you first determine the kind of door hardware you’re using. The strike interfaces with the door hardware’s latch bolt. The electric strike and the door hardware combine to secure the door. As such, it is crucial that you ensure that the chosen electric strike can accommodate the position and the dimension of the latch bolts. You can learn more about electric strike installation by contacting Sevan locksmith at (425) 458-5204.

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