Five Common Ways A Seattle Door Locks Set Is Compromised

Five Common Ways A Seattle Door Locks Set Is Compromised

Despite the availability of many types of locks and security components, failure can still happen because of improper installation or the security components are weak. As a result, the burglars succeed and you lose valuable possessions. Any determined thief will plan and spend time trying to open every lock. Make sure that a Seattle door locks set is foolproof so as not to get compromised.

1. Leaving the Spare House Key Outside

Placing a key outside is probably the most common mistake that people make that leads to their doors being compromised. Usually, the keys are put under the rug or in a potted plant by the door. No security expert will ever advise you to do this. Crooks know that this is a common practice and will exploit it. Do not ever make the mistake of thinking that you are smart in hiding your keys. Burglars will inevitably find those keys, open the doors, and get inside your house.

The only way to prevent this is to take your keys wherever you are. If there are people who come in and out of the house at different intervals, duplicate your keys and give a copy to each one. And of course, tell them not to leave their keys under the rug.

2. Use of Credit Card or Thick Plastic

Crooks know that they can open doors if the doorknob is a spring bolt type. All they have to do is to pick a credit card and slide it in between the door and the frame where the latch is located. In fact, any flexible laminated card will do. Even a thin butter knife will do the job.

And if the door has molding, all they need is a metal to pry it off. The solution to this is a deadbolt. Plastic and laminated cards will only open spring bolt locks but never a deadbolt.

3. Use of Lock Pick

Expert criminals can open your doorknob or padlock through lock-picking. Only two tools are necessary for the crook to facilitate this—a tension wrench and a rake. Although lock-picking sets are not readily available in retail stores, criminals can easily buy these online. And worse, there are many video tutorials on how to use these tools. They have all the time to practice, and by the time they spot your house, you will be a sorry victim.

The solution to this is to buy anti-lock devices like thumb turn guard. This will prevent the thumb turn part of any deadbolt form turning. These devices are a little costly but well worth the investment.

4. Inexpensive Lock

Inexpensive locks are like toys. Cheap locks are poorly constructed products that do not serve the purpose for which they are intended. A burglar could just hit the door with his shoulder or kick it, and the door will give in. Such behavior is typical if the thief knows there is no one in the house.

Think about how police officers storm a house, a simple front kick, or forward kick, will destroy the lock and open the door. The only solution to this is to buy high-quality lock sets and couple them with secure doors and frames.

5. Exposed Door Hinges

Door hinges are the metal objects that look like wings. Once side is screwed to your door and then the other screwed to the door frame.

When a door hinge is exposed, all the burglar has to do is to unscrew it. Once done, he can enter the house and take what he wants. The only solution to this is to hire a carpenter with a high quality of craftsmanship. After closing the door, the hinges should show

Make sure your Seattle door locks are never compromised. Consult with a reputable local locksmith to find the best locks and deadbolts for your budget and needs.

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