Five Top Reasons for Changing Door Locks in Bellevue

Five Top Reasons for Changing Door Locks in Bellevue

The locks on your door play a crucial role in your home’s defense system. True, there are many ways for determined and technologically savvy people to gain entrance to even the most seemingly secure residences, but for the casual intruder or burglar, a simple locked door might be enough to persuade them to go and find an easier target. For this reason, it’s imperative that you keep your locks in good working order. There are times, though, when it becomes a good idea to change your locks and have new ones installed. Here are five situations that mean it’s time for changing door locks in Bellevue.

1) When You Suffer Through a Home Invasion

We hope you never experience what it’s like to have a home invader. Those that do go through it report that it takes a long time to regain a sense of security and privacy  afterward. If you do find yourself the victim of a home invasion, one of the first things you’re going to want to do is change — and most likely upgrade — your locks.

This is important to know — even if it looks like your door is fine, there’s a chance that a forced entry has, in one way or another, damaged your lock to the point of worthlessness. Even if that’s not the case, though, the fact that someone was able to get through them once pretty much means that it can happen again. Why take that chance? Of course, you’ll have to wait until you’re given the all-clear from law enforcement to do so, but once you are able to, installing a new lock is the least you can do to make your home feel safer. You might also want to consider more security measures at that point.

2) When You Lose Your Keys

We’ve all been there at some point; we put our keys down somewhere, and the next thing you know, they’re gone. Once you’ve exhausted all possible options, you have to go ahead and realize two things: 1) the keys aren’t coming back, and 2) it’s time to change your locks.

Sure, it might be possible that your keys somehow ended up in the trash and are on their way to a landfill somewhere, and if that’s the case, then you’re really in no danger. But how can you be sure? It’s just as possible that someone else took them, and is planning on using them to break into your car or home the first chance he or she gets. This is why, once you’ve decided to change the locks, you need to get a locksmith to your door as soon as possible.

3) When You Move Into Your Home

There’s probably nothing as symbolically satisfying as getting the keys to your new home. You’ve signed the papers, and then the old owner hands you the keys, signifying that the house is now yours and you can move in.

However, rather than just take the old keys, it’s a much better idea to go ahead and change those locks and start with a completely new mechanism. Why? Well, even assuming that the old owners are trustworthy people who wouldn’t dream of showing up announced for a nostalgic trip around the homestead, you really have no way of knowing how many spare keys they passed out while they were living there. There could be copies of your house keys in random neighbors, old friends, and even jilted exes. In other words, people you don’t know. That’s not the safest way to start your brand new life.

4) When Your Locks Are Worn Out

Let’s face it; things wear down. What was once a brand-new door with a shiny new lock is now old and scratched up. Countless turns of the knob have started to wear on the gears and springs, the bolt doesn’t match up as perfectly as it used to and the key is never quite a perfect fit anymore. In short, it’s an old lock. When this happens, you run the risk of a lock breaking, which can present a very unsafe situation. In this case, a little bit of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure.

Even more, this is an excellent time to not only change your lock, but to consider an upgrade to some of the newer systems and features available, such as keyless entries and smart-enabled locks. As long as you’re upgrading, why not do it in style?

5) When You Go Through a Messy Separation

Everyone thinks their love is going to last forever, but most of us go through a pretty bad break-up at one time or another. If you are going through this, change your locks. Even if the separation seems to be peaceful and friendly, emotions can get unpredictable at times like this, and you never really know what someone might attempt when they are feeling desperate.

Fortunately, a reputable Bellevue locksmith is there anytime you need your locks replaced. Call a professional to get the job done and feel secure in your home.

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