How to Choose the Best High-Security Locks in Bellevue

How to Choose the Best High-Security Locks in Bellevue

When you are in the market for new locks for your home, you’re looking for just more than a piece of metal. What you’re really on the hunt for is that one item that will protect you and your loved ones from the outside world. No matter how fantastic, thick or fancy your doors are, they’re only as strong as the locks you choose to install in them.

With this in mind, it should seem evident that choosing the right high-security lock is essential. It can be a difficult decision — more than just randomly picking a high-security lock. Read on to learn how to choose the best high-security locks in Bellevue.

1) Consider the Types of Locks You Need

When you buy locks for your exterior doors, especially the front door, there’s usually more than one type of lock to consider. While most knobs come with a lock of their own, the real security comes in the form of the deadbolt.

In fact, if you were wondering if you could somehow get out of buying a deadbolt, you might as well get that thought out of your head right now. Deadbolts are, by far, the best lock for securing your home from unwanted outside access.

2) Decide on the Features You’re Looking For

Many of the more excellent locks available today come with high-tech features that can offer you the latest in technology while still keeping your home safe. Some of the features include

– Electronic locks. These locks might not be cutting edge now, but there’s something to be said about the tried-and-true. Electronic locks are time-tested and reliable. These locks typically require you to set up a passcode that can be anywhere from four to eight number in length. By giving you the option to change this code whenever you wish, you get the added security feature of not having to worry if your child accidentally gives the passcode to every one of their friends.

– Biometric locks. Some of the newest (and more expensive) high-security features include biometric scanning, which uses your biological information to help lock the door. Things like fingerprints or facial recognition are now making their way into the world of home security. Of course, these types of locks don’t always work for every type of family situation, so make sure you know what you’re buying before you spend your hard-earned money on one of these locks!

– Mechanical locks. For those who don’t choose to trust the electronic or biometric type of lock, there are still plenty of high-security mechanical locks available. These locks aren’t your typical locks that can be easily beat by a couple of lockpicks and a credit card.

3) Look at the Grade

Did you know that locks are given a grade according to their strength and endurance? Just like in school, these grades can be a good indicator of the quality of these locks. When shopping, look for deadbolts that are given a Grade 1 rating. Grade 1 locks are the most durable locks available, with the highest levels of endurance. These locks are built to withstand stress as well as many types of tampering. Other graded locks — Grade 2 or Grade 3 — are better for interior residential locks.

4) Consider the Material of the Door

The material your door is made out of can affect what sort of lock to buy. Metal doors can be much harder to install a lock because drilling into them cleanly and quickly is very difficult. Of course, if your new door is fancy, decorative or vintage then you might have the same issue.

5) Get Expert Advice

Of course, nothing is better than seeking advice from experts that know what they’re talking about. This is why it’s not a bad idea to consult with someone who can assess your house and your situation before giving you an honest appraisal of exactly what you and your family need to keep themselves safe. By contacting a certified locksmith, you can leave the decision-making up to an expert who is trained in all the latest available locks and features.

As you start to consider what sorts of locks you might want to buy, it’s important to keep all of these elements in mind: functionality, tech features, endurance, and strength — all of these factors come into play to help you decide which lock is the best for you and your family. By choosing the right lock, you can help make sure you’re protecting those people, things, and places that mean the most to you.

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