How to Maximize Security at Bellevue Summer Rental Homes

How to Maximize Security at Bellevue Summer Rental Homes

Owning summer rental homes is a wise investment that earns income every year. Often summer rentals command top dollar. And some owners live in them during the offseason or continue to rent these houses all year round. However, itis essential to maintain the highest level of security in summer rentals. Find out ways to have a secure environment despite the high turnover of tenants.

Know the Neighbors

Some areas are neighborhood watch communities. And local people are typically concerned about maintaining a safe block. Trustworthy neighbors notice if there is strange activity at a rental home.

Rules for Tenants

Tenants should always sign a short-term rental agreement. Make sure the agreement indicates to keep the doors and windows locked at all times. If there is an alarm, it should be properly set to protect the home from intruders.

Deadbolt Locks

Installing deadbolt locks is an affordable way to add an extra layer of security. With reinforced locks, it is more difficult to get into the house. Verify the deadbolts are locked when tenants are not staying in the house.

Change the Locks

Many summer landlords decide to change the locks each year. If former tenants made copies of the keys, they will be useless. Always get rid of old keys to reduce confusion. Have two extra sets of keys to the house in case of emergencies.

Close the Curtains

While it sounds simple, it makes a difference to close the curtains when tenants leave. If the windows are wide open, potential thieves can see the house is unoccupied. Install blinds to make it impossible to see inside when they are closed.

Invest in a Security System

Owning property is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. Invest in a security system to protect your asset and the tenants who stay there. When tenants feel safe, they came back next summer and recommend the rental house to people they know.

Get a Smart Home Setup

Take security to the next level by turning your summer rental house into a smart home. You will be able to see what is happening at the house even if you are miles away. And smart homes offer an array of conveniences for owners who do not reside at the premises.

Install Surveillance Cameras

Tenants need to feel secure at a strange place. And you must protect your investment. Install surveillance cameras to deter intruders. Often people with bad intentions notice the cameras and go to the next house instead. And if a crime occurs, you will have evidence of what happened on your property.

Get an Automatic Light Systems

There are systems that turn on the lights and even put the television on when nobody is home. This type of system makes summer rental homes look busy, even if there are no tenants. Plus, tenants who get home late will have the benefit of lights being on at the house.

Motion Detector Lighting

Another cost-effective way to maintain optimum security is installing motion detector lighting around the outside of the house. If someone is on the property, the lights will instantly go on. This lets occupants know a stranger could be approaching. And the lights also go on when people get home after dark.

Work with a Bellevue locksmith to find out the best ways to keep summer rental homes safe throughout the year. Tenants must feel secure when they rent the house. And owners need peace of mind when the house is unoccupied. A local locksmith will find options that suit your needs without breaking the bank.

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