How to Protect Your Home in Seattle From Holiday Break-Ins

How to Protect Your Home in Seattle From Holiday Break-Ins

The holidays are here, and with them come the opportunity (and obligation) to travel and visit loved ones all over the country. It might be great to see old friends and family members, but burglars also know that many houses are going to be empty this season. That’s why the holiday season can also be called the “break-in season.”

Instead of canceling your plans and staying home with the Seattle police department on speed dial, there are ways that you can make your home more secure while you’re out traveling during the holidays.

Live Monitoring Your Home

One of the most effective ways to have peace of mind while on the road is to monitor your home with a live-streaming video feed. By setting up a couple of cameras and connecting them to the internet, you can watch your home 24/7. If you’re not very tech-savvy, don’t worry. Many of these systems come with easy-to-follow instructions that don’t require much more than an internet connection.

Motion Detector

Live monitoring is excellent, but it’s not a preventative measure. A motion detector, however, can be the first step in knowing whether or not something might be happening. Not only can modern motion detectors send you an alert to let you know if someone (or something) suspicious is moving on your property, but many of them are also able to distinguish between the innocent motions of a squirrel, rabbit, or neighborhood pet compared to the more sinister ambition of a potential intruder.

Fake Cameras

For some people, the hassle of setting up security cameras — or the cost associated with them — can be a bit overwhelming. Fake security cameras can be a cheaper, more accessible alternative. These cameras are nothing more than props, so they don’t actually record anything. However, the typical intruder won’t be able to tell the difference, as they are designed to look like the real thing.

In most instances, this is all you need. Fake cameras alone are enough to dissuade most random, petty thieves and burglars. The more experienced intruders, though, might not be as easily fooled, so you shouldn’t treat these fake cameras as your only solution.

TV Simulators

Now, here’s an interesting idea: one of the most visible signs that someone is home (including when the curtains are closed at night), is the flickering light associated with a television screen. Even if your house lights are on a timer and programmed to come on at random times, the absence of a TV light can be a dead giveaway.

TV simulators like Fake TV combat this problem by projecting a random series of moving lights on your curtains. To the outside eye, these lights look suspiciously like the shine of a homeowner’s favorite TV program. You can also buy different sizes to simulate various types of TVs. Just make sure to keep your curtains all the way closed, however, because anyone peeking in will be able to spot the ruse quickly.

Security Systems

Of course, many homeowners opt for home security systems, and for a good reason. These systems — especially those on the higher end — provide a range of features that can help protect your home. Many of them include the ability to view and control most of your home’s functions (such as lights) through the use of a mobile app. Most of these systems also have a live person that you can contact should you suspect that something is happening.

High-Security Locks

We would also be remiss if we didn’t take the time to talk to you about your locks. None of these features will help you very much if an intruder can just walk right in. When it comes to protecting your home, the locks on your doors and windows are the most critical element of security to consider.

This is not an area where you want to try and save a few dollars by going with a cheaper option. Good locks and a durable deadbolt are necessary if you’re going to keep your home safe. High-tech options are also available that can offer even more areas of protection, such as fingerprint recognition and the ability to record data (such as when the door opens and who opened it).

As you are planning your travels this holiday season, don’t forget to spend some time preparing your home security as well. Leaving your home empty can be scary, but by taking a few preventative measures, you can alleviate some of the worry. As you travel, this peace of mind can help you focus on what’s really important during the holidays.

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