Six Benefits of ReKeying Commercial Locks in Bellevue

Six Benefits of ReKeying Commercial Locks in Bellevue

If you own or manage any sort of commercial property, then you know that safety and security is a primary concern. While this may include such things as alarm systems and surveillance features, one of the most important features of any building security are the locks on the doors. But what happens when the locks have been compromised? You can always change the locks and start fresh, but did you know you can also rekey them? Rekeying means keeping the same locks, but adjusting them to fit a new set of key. If you’re not sure why rekeying might be the better option, consider these six benefits:


When you are afraid that your building’s security has been compromised due to such things as lost keys or new occupants, then it’s imperative that you work to make your building’s doors as secure as possible. Rekeying can do this. If the locks on the doors are already high-quality, hen rekeying them can be every bit as safe and secure as buying new ones, without all the extra time and expense that can come from changing the locks.


As already stated, rekeying offers you a cheaper alternative than changing the locks entirely. This is actually due to a number of reasons. For one thing, new locks are expensive — especially if you are getting locks that are of a high enough quality to keep your commercial property safe. And if you already have good locks, spending that money can be unnecessary. New locks are also more expensive because they take longer to install, which means a more costly fee for the locksmith.

Satisfied Clients

Keeping your buildings and their occupants safe is important, but it also translates to happiness and ease of mind on their part as well. When your buildings have a reputation for safety, you’re more likely to find people willing to use those buildings. On the other hand, buildings that are known to be unsafe are more likely to be left empty and unused, which can drastically affect your overall bottom line.


Because rekeying your locks takes no more effort or decision-making on your part than calling a locksmith, this is a much easier way to go overall. With new locks, you have to decide what locks to purchase, which features you might be interested in and how much you’re willing to spend. In addition, that locksmith visit stops being a simple procedure and turns into a longer ordeal. Even more, replacing the locks comes with the chance (even though it might be a small one) that your new locks are installed incorrectly, which leads to a whole other host of problems.


Another great thing about rekeying your locks is how easy it is to customize your buildings’ lock profiles. If you want a single key to fit and work in all of the locks, this can be easily set up. If you have specific doors that you want to work with a different keys, this is also easy to set up. What makes it even better though is that you can change your property’s lock profiles as often as you want to into as many different configurations as best fits your needs. Because each service call is quick and easy, it’s really no time or trouble at all to rekey some or all of the locks to suit whatever works best for you at that time.

Peace of Mind

When you’re worried that the safety of your building and its occupants have been compromised, then fixing your locks is of paramount concern. While changing your locks can bring the peace of mind of knowing that your doors are once again secure, that same easy feeling can be found when you rekey your locks. Even better, that serenity costs much less and is a whole lot easier to bring about than going through the process of changing the locks completely.

In conclusion, it’s important to keep your commercial property safe at all times. Not only is it your duty as the owner or manager, but it’s also just the right thing to do. However, there’s no reason why it needs to be harder than it needs to be. Rather than breaking the bank and causing a huge disruption, a rekey is a quick, efficient, easy way to bring the same level of security that a whole new set of locks can bring. Because of that, if your locks don’t need to be replaced, then there’s no reason to replace them. Instead, consider a rekey from a professional locksmith instead.

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