Six Clever Tips For People Who Are Always Losing Keys

Six Clever Tips For People Who Are Always Losing Keys

There might be nothing more frustrating than having to leave your house for a major appointment, only to spend the next 20 minutes searching your house from top to bottom because you misplaced your keys. And if you can’t find them after all that time? It’s enough to make you want to call a locksmith to get a new set.

If this has happened to you, there’s a good chance that it’s happened more than once. This is because misplacing things like car keys isn’t usually an accident; it often occurs because you’re not organized, not paying attention or simply forgetful.The good news is that this sort of thing is preventable — by implementing one or more of these six clever tricks, you can make it easier to keep track of your keys and other important items, and greatly reduce the chances that you’ll find yourself in this frustrating predicament ever again.

Keep a Clean House

Just like most things: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When it comes to keeping track of your keys, the cure comes in the form of keeping your house or apartment clutter-free. A cluttered room means more chances that your keys accidentally get covered up by other things, or somehow make their way behind objects. By getting rid of the clutter and the mess, you significantly reduce the chances that your keys get lost in it.

Make Sure Everything has a “Place”

One of the main reasons things like keys get lost is because they don’t have a designated place. This means that whenever you get home, you simply put your keys down wherever it strikes your fancy. Since this is most likely a different place every time you walk through the door, it makes sense that it gets harder and harder to remember, By giving your keys — and other items — a spot of their own, you’ll help reduce the risk of them being placed randomly.

Of course, after designating these spots, you have to remember to actually use them! That leads us to …

Place Items Deliberately

It’s a common scenario: you get home from a long day of work. You’re tired — exhausted, even — and the only thing on your mind is relaxing. When people are like this, and they’re distracted thinking about your day or what happens next, they have a tendency to just mindlessly empty their pockets, not really paying attention to what they’re doing. This is a recipe for disaster, because if you aren’t being aware of your actions, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to remember them later.

Now, if you’ve followed the advice from step 1, and you’ve developed the habit of putting everything in its designated spot, then chances are that when you’re this tired you’ll mindlessly put your items exactly where they’re supposed to go. However, if you haven’t gotten into that routine, there’s no telling where your keys could end up.

Check the Proximity

If you remember where you put your keys down, but they’re not there now, there’s a good chance they are somewhere close. In fact, often times lost objects can be found no more than a scant two feet or so away from where they were originally put down. So, this means they could have fallen behind a piece of furniture, between the cushions, or been covered up by the careless placement of other objects on top of them. Regardless: before you panic, check the surrounding area before you do anything else.

Search Smart

If you’ve checked the proximity and still turned up nothing, the next thing to do is implement an organized, systematic search. Rather than tearing through the various rooms of the house, attacking each room by going through pre-determined zones. This reduces the chances that you’ll skip an area by accident, or waste time searching the same places more than once. What’s more, it takes what can seems at first to be an overwhelming task and turns it into a much more manageable proposition.

Use Technology

Of course, none of this might even be necessary if you spend a few dollars beforehand and bring in some modern technology. These days, there are key fobs and chains that can do anything from make a noise when prompted to show up on a mobile-phone’s GPS search.

All in all, by putting a little thought and effort into it, you can prevent most — if not all — of these frustrating and frantic mornings before they ever begin. And if you find yourself in a predicament, a Bellevue locksmith is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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