Top Reasons for Electric Strike Installation at Bellevue Businesses

Top Reasons for Electric Strike Installation at Bellevue Businesses

Electric strikes are a kind of security system that allows the residents or employees to remotely open the door without rushing towards it when a visitor calls or rings a bell. The person strikes the card on the door lock to open it. And the receptionist just pushes a button.

In the typical world, a guard stands right by the door t locks and open it manually. With a strike system, the presence of a guard is no longer a necessity. The electric strike door opening system is getting traction in different business sectors now, mostly office sites. Business owners often prefer this type of security locking and unlocking system for optimum protection. An unwanted person cannot enter the office or the factory if he does not have the special card for door opening. Consider the reasons for electric strike installation at Bellevue businesses.

Remote Access Capability

The biggest advantage of this system is that the person does not have to move towards the gate as someone comes from outside. One can control the opening and locking of the door through remote operations.

There is no need to leave the chair when a visitor comes to the office. Just hit a single button to open the door. The control is placed on a table by the lobby, commonly by the receptionist’s table, and the person in charge pushes the button to open the door.

Has Higher Security Than Other System

The card system is more secure and no one else can open the door if he or she does not have a card that keeps a special code. In case if you lost a card, you can easily get another one from the electric strike installation company or your security team.

What happens is they deactivate the lost card and issue you a new one. Most companies, however, will charge you for your lost card.

It is Less Expensive

The electric control system is less expensive as compared to other electronic door lock systems. This locking system also provides more value for money since it is a straightforward application based on no card, no entry.

For a minimal investment, property owners can realize a maximum return when they invest in electric strike systems.

You Keep the Time Log History

The electric strike lock system keeps the record of the visitors going inside and outside the office. In this way, you can keep a record of the time your employee went in and out.

Having easy access to these records will help you determine when your employees are coming and going to track their working hours.

It Cannot Be Duplicated

The ID system of this locking system cannot be duplicated. This means that a card, even if it is lost, can only be activated once.

Keys can be duplicated, which often means the locks have to be changed if they are lost to avoid a breach of security. A local Bellevue locksmith can help you understand the differences between commercial security systems to choose the right one for your budget and requirements.

It Is Customizable

This customizable lock system is easily accessible to all employees, yet the managers can set the limits for each employee. Choose the desired access level for each employee to enhance the security of the system. This means that the employees may swipe or tap their cards at a specific door panel access point but it will not move.

The electric strike system is a standard in big buildings but many business start-ups are also getting into it. Having this system improves overall security without the added expense of hiring a security guard. The access point ensures that nobody, even, an employee, can enter a prohibited area where sensitive information or items are stored.

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