Top Reasons Why Seattle Businesses Need Access Control Systems

Top Reasons Why Seattle Businesses Need Access Control Systems

Regarding commerce, technology and business; Seattle is one of the largest contributors in the country and maybe even the world. The city holds buildings, offices, and communities with information and innovative intellectual property. Private information could end up being stolen or destroyed if thieves get the opportunity to invade a space of businesses. Discover why Seattle businesses need to consider access control systems.

Protection Businesses and Buildings

To protect the buildings and businesses of Seattle, a plan to increase security while decreasing risk is essential. Fortunately, new technologies and security fortification are readily available so that businesses can admit only those personnel who are meant to be within their buildings or places of work. The access control system model is ideal for any business to help identify its staff, keep information and properties protected, and reject any people that do not belong.

Heightened Security Risk Management

The benefits of an access control system are numerous, but they can be broken down into a few key points. Access control systems are suitable for heightened security risk management. They work well with other implemented technologies. They are practical and fit into most budgets. And they can fit seamlessly with the aesthetics and culture of any business. Access control systems are designed to offer significant protection to businesses and residences. These systems also reduce the stress that comes with protecting your intellectual and physical property.

What is An Access Control System?

An access control system is an electronic security gate keeper that restricts access to only the personnel that belong in an area of a business or residence. Access control systems can take the place of an overall electronically based security system. These systems offer greater protection for employees, business buildings, and business properties. Access control integrates with other already established security measures. Access control systems are a sound investment as they reduce the cost of security management systems in the long and short term.

How Does an Access Control System Work?

The basis for an access control system is to accurately identify personnel and their proper authorization in a designated part of a business building or residence. The components of an access control system can include the following.


To be admitted into an appropriate place within your business, your personnel should be able to identify themselves to the system. Some forms of identification can be an access card that is scanned in, a PIN code or a password that can be input into the system, finger prints and eye scan.

ID Code or Password

An identification code or password is usually one of the best and securest ways of making sure that your staff can work where they’re supposed to while keeping unwanted people out of your business. PIN codes usually consist of four to six characters only known by that individual.

Key Cards

Key cards can either be used to swipe or scan employees into your business. If included with another form of identifier, it can be impossible for outsiders to find their way into your business. The cards can also include a photo id of your employees. As a result, there is never any mistake of who gets access and who is not.

The Role of Access Control Systems in Your Business

Increasing security while decreasing cost and the frustration of risk management is important for businesses. Access control systems offer greater technological advances in securing your place of work while ensuring that your assets stay safe. In this day and age, keeping your intellectual property, physical property safe and confidential can be increasingly more challenging. With new businesses and old businesses investing in technologies, it can be easy to choose one that does not resonate with the culture of your company.

Keep Track of Movement

Not only does an access control system allow your employees to work safely within the buildings of your business, but it also allows you to keep track of people’s movements throughout your properties. An access control system can also be implemented seamlessly with other security measures that you use. A guard on duty can check to make sure that the people who are trying to gain access to your building, belong there.

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